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How to Get a Job as a Brickmason and Blockmason

Along with apprenticeships, high school programs can open the door to masonry jobs. Building relationships and networking with those in construction trades can also lead to opportunities for work. Military veterans often receive preferred access to employment opportunities.

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What is the Job Like?

Aspiring masons should enjoy working outdoors. Work schedules tend to be standard 40-hour weeks but can be thrown off by inclement weather and project deadlines. Many self-employed masons work on smaller residential jobs. The work is physically laborious, usually performed on scaffolding and requires manual finesse, attention to design detail and endurance. Working outdoors with heavy and sharp-edged stone and brick, masons suffer higher injury and illness rates than industry averages, with muscle strains being the most common ailment. Masons often enjoy the design challenges of their job. "They have to see the design as they’re building it," Herndon says, "so they need a good eye and a sense of design." Masons can expect to build strength and stamina on the job. "Our very good masons tend to be lanky; it's just the strength that you build up and develop while working in the trade," Herndon says. Teamwork is also important. "You have to get along with people. You're working with other crafts, and you've got to take into consideration what their needs are. If you don't do your job right, they can't do their job right," he says.

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