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How to Get a Job as a Computer Support Specialist

This probably goes without saying, but technical skills are an absolute must to compete in the job market for this occupation. You must know computer hardware and software (including operating systems), understand login systems and email applications and have a solid grasp of network logistics, which is especially important for those seeking a career as a computer network support specialist. But merely possessing technical skills is not sufficient. Aspiring computer support specialists should also have a knack for problem-solving, and being an effective communicator – both written and verbal – is essential because Diaz says the onus is on you to ask the right questions to find out what is wrong. Successful computer support specialists can also juggle several issues at a time and tackle the various problems that might crop up.

What is the Job Like?

Diverse is probably the best way to describe the workday for most computer support specialists. In a given day, they field requests for assistance from a range of people, spinning them off in any number of directions. Maybe a hard drive issue is plaguing someone, or a user who is having trouble accessing his or her account information calls in. Some of the issues computer support specialists encounter may be repeats, but when they occur and with what frequency fluctuate from day to day. The position is well-suited for extroverted individuals who exude patience and an aptitude for providing clear, concise instructions. "As long as you enjoy troubleshooting and talking to people and know what you’re doing, you’ll like this job," Diaz says. Many computer specialists work 40 hours per week, but due to the nature of the job, others must make themselves available 24 hours a day in case issues arise.

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