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How to Get a Job as a Landscaper and Groundskeeper

If you live in a locale that experiences four seasons, the worst time of year to look for a landscaping or groundskeeping job is late fall to midwinter. Companies, properties and homeowners don’t require flowers planted, lawns mowed, leaves raked or edges trimmed in colder weather. Job opportunities are available, however, for groundskeepers who plow snow and remove debris.

If you land an interview, don’t dress like you would on your first day of work. “My expectation is that [job candidates] will wear business-casual attire because they’re still going through a formal interview process,” Bottger says.

Job Satisfaction

Upward Mobility good Above Average
Stress Level good Low
Flexibility good Above Average

What is the Job Like?

Landscapers and groundskeepers work in various weather conditions – raking leaves in fall, shovelling snow in winter and spreading mulch in spring. The job is usually physically demanding, given all the bending, squatting and stretching involved, so stamina is a must.

There’s safety to consider, too. Groundskeepers could work with pesticides and handle potentially dangerous equipment such as snow blowers, tractors, lawn mowers, trowels and chain saws. They frequently grapple with biting bugs and rash-inducing plants, and they may toil in unrelenting heat or bitter cold. While on the job, workers learn the best practices for handling such extremes, and they also wear protective gear, like gloves and headphones, to stave off injury.

However, the physical strain and sometimes hazardous working conditions don’t diminish the profession’s rewards. For example, landscapers might work weekends, but they normally work during daylight hours and have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. And though mowing row after row of a football green might seem repetitive, there is often very little stress involved.

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