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How to Get a Job as a Web Developer

Yusupova's biggest piece of advice: "Network and make connections. No one will be able to hire you if they don't meet you, and now in this economy, the best opportunities will come from your network of contacts." In addition to recommending a solid foundation on the basics of Web development, she suggests that those aspiring to enter the field familiarize themselves with both design and usability, and "always know what is current."

Interview Questions Submitted by Real Web Developers

"How would you troubleshoot slow loading web pages and poorly performing stored procedures?" - UnitedHealth Group Senior Web Developer Candidate (Minneapolis, MN)

"How do you implement mobile compatibility?" - Coyote Logistics Web Developer Candidate (Chicago, IL)

"What are magic methods?" - NFi Studios Web Developer Candidate (Orlando, FL)

Job Satisfaction

Upward Mobility good Above Average
Stress Level good Below Average
Flexibility good High

What is the Job Like?

According to Yusupova, workplaces for Web developers run the gamut "from a very flexible, hands on, nimble, 'fly by the seat of your pants' environment of a startup and [being] very involved with every aspect of a project, to a very structured environment with more levels of approval and a more bureaucratic approach with siloed responsibilities." She adds: "Web development is very exciting, demanding and fun. You have the best of both worlds, where you get to exercise your creativity and have the exacting demands of coding. You always have to be learning and have the ability to learn on the fly."

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