About the U.S. News Advisor Data Information

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General Information

Advisor information is drawn from federal and state regulatory filings. Such filings are provided by individual advisors and firms and have not been verified by U.S. News. Advisor information is compiled by a third-party source (Financial Media Group) and provided to U.S. News on a quarterly basis. See below for information and disclosures related to specific data points and site subsections.

As-of Dates

As-of dates are based on the last verified date for government filings provided to U.S. News by Financial Media Group. Data sources include the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission and state filings.

Assets Under Management

Information regarding assets under management are drawn from government filings. All AUM data reflects firm-level information only and not that of individual advisors. 

Average Account Size

Account size is based on total firm assets under management divided by the total number for investment advisor representatives.

Certifications and Designations

Designation information is drawn from regulatory filings and may be incomplete. Please consult your advisor for a full list of qualifications. Filings include the following designations only: CFA, CFP, ChFC, CIC and PFS.

Client Types

Client information is drawn from federal filings and applies to the firm level only. Breakdowns of client types are estimates provided by advisors and may not equal 100 percent.

Disclosure Events

Disclosure events are based on the existence of disclosures in U4 Filings for an advisor or firm.

Experience Metrics

Years of experience is based on initial filing dates with federal regulators. Average experience is derived from the average experience for advisors registered in that advisor’s state. Distribution data for years of experience groups individual years of experience into five-year increments.

Fees and Compensation

Fee and compensation information is drawn from federal and state regulatory filings and is provided by advisory firms. For specific compensation arrangements, please contact the individual advisor.

Firm Sizes

For the Advisors metric, the “Very Large” firm designation denotes the largest 1 percent of all firms by total advisors in our database, and is designed to encompass the relatively small number of big firms that employ the bulk of all advisors. “Large” firms include the remaining firm in the top 5 percent of all firms. “Medium” denotes remaining firms in the top 10 percent of all firms, while “small” denotes the remaining 90 percent of all firms, which employ five or fewer advisors. 

For Clients and Assets, “Small” firm sizes denote firms that appear in the smallest 40 percent for each metric for all firms in our database. “Medium” firm sizes denote firms that appear in the 41st-70th percentiles. The “Large“ designation applies to firms in the 71st to 90th percentiles, and “Very Large” applies to the top 10 percent of all firms for each metric.

State Registrations

State registrations are based on firm-level information. Consult individual advisors for specific state-level restrictions or registrations.