Tci Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Assets $1.0B Very Large
Clients 1,295 Very Large
Advisors 12 Large
4011 E Sunrise Dr
Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone:    (520) 733-1477

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As of 3.11.13

Client Types

Available client info by % of assets under management are as follows:

Client Type Percentage of Assets
Individuals 50
High Net Worth Individuals 75
Corporations or Other Businesses 25
Charitable Organizations 25

Client types are by firm and represent a percentage of assets under management. Client type information from Form ADV.

As of 3.11.13

Fees & Compensation

Compensation types are listed for Tci Wealth Advisors, Inc. Contact the advisor for individual fee structure details.

Fee Only

This firm is compensated by clients, often based on a flat fee or a percentage of client assets.

Subscription Fees

This firm receives compensation from periodicals or newsletters.


This firm is compensated by commissions from sales of financial products.

Fixed Fees

This firm charges a flat fee for services, which may vary from firm to firm.


This firm offers services based on an hourly fee.

Performance-Based Fees

This firm can be compensated based on a share of capital gains on, or capital appreciation of, client assets.

As of 3.11.13

States Where Tci Wealth Advisors, Inc. Operates

Registered in CA.

While Tci Wealth Advisors, Inc. is licensed to operate in 1 states, licenses for individual advisors may vary.

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