The Best Ways to Invest $5,000

You’ve padded your emergency fund, paid off your debt and saved up a few thousand dollars – $5,000 to be exact – that you’re ready to invest. But is it best to put it in a mutual fund, certificate of deposit, index fund or exchange-traded fund?

"If you’re asking what’s the best way to invest $5,000,

How to Budget For Health Care Expenses in Retirement

Should you plan on getting healthier once you retire, or is it smarter to work on wellness in advance? New research indicates that entering retirement in good health can result in a major cost savings: Those who retire in good health may need 19 percent less money over the course ...

When Superstar Executives Become a Company Liability

Superstar executives may generate buzz for their companies, but not all press is good press when it comes to boosting share prices. Recent reports of a falling-out between Bill Gross, co-founder of Pacific Investment Management Co, and Mohamed El-Erian, the firm's former CEO, underscore the ...

Should a Certified Public Accountant Do Your Financial Planning?

Don’t be surprised if the certified public accountant calculating your income taxes tries to sell you on financial planning services. As accounting firms expand their scope of services, many are seguing into the financial advisory business.  

“There’s a lot of intersection between the two

How to Separate Family Time From Your Finances

Mixing money talk and family bonding is a recipe for frustration.

Understanding the underlying dynamics can defuse tension and provide insights that help you release old money habits and get in sync with your partner. Agreeing on joint priorities, not on each other’s spending habits, is the key ...

What Widows Should Know About Financial Advisors

Women tend to stick with their financial plans, and, it seems, stick with their financial planners, even after losing a spouse.

A survey of women, one set in their 40s, the other age 67 and older (baby boomers were not included), which was sponsored by Russell Investments, found that 78 ...

5 Types of Debt to Dump Before You Retire

Six years ago, retirement was a distant blot on Marcus Michaud’s horizon.

Hard-hit by the economic downturn, he was drowning in consumer debt. While many of his friends declared bankruptcy, Michaud repaid his creditors through a negotiated plan – and to his surprise, was able to save enough ...

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