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#30 in Large Value

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The fund has returned 27.09 percent over the past year, 14.32 percent over the past three years, and 23.00 percent over the past five years.

Trailing Returns Updated 02.28.2014
Year to date 0.2%
1 Year 27.1%
3 Years (Annualized) 14.3%
5 Years (Annualized) 23.0%
10 Years (Annualized) 7.8%

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JPMorgan Intrepid Value has been remarkably average as of late.

As of March 05, 2014, the fund has assets totaling almost $1.40 billion invested in 128 different holdings. Its portfolio consists primarily of shares of large companies.

Intrepid is supposed to mean fearless and bold. But apparently nobody told that to this fund's management team. Except for its high turnover ratio, there is very little that's bold about this fund. It spreads its assets out over a large number of sectors and companies and sticks primarily to large, well-established blue chips. In any given year, it tends to stay in the middle of the pack. Since 2008, it has finished each year within a percentage point of the average for Morningstar's large-value category. In 2009 and 2010, it underperformed its category average. As a result, its trailing three- and five-year returns are quite mediocre.

So far, 2011 is shaping up to be a similar, albeit slightly better, year for the fund. Pfizer, which as of the end of April was the fund's top holding, has been performing nicely this year and has helped offset some of the fund's losses from companies such as Citigroup and Wells Fargo. Indeed, if it weren't for this fund's exposure to a number of struggling financial companies, it would be having a stellar year. The fund has returned 27.09 percent over the past year, 14.32 percent over the past three years, and 23.00 percent over the past five years.

Investment Strategy

According to the fund's prospectus: "The Fund has an actively managed strategy that employs an investment process based on behavioral finance principles. Behavioral finance theorizes that investors behave irrationally in systematic and predictable ways because human psychology affects investment decision-making. This investor behavior results in market inefficiencies that persist over time. The Fund seeks to capitalize on these market anomalies through a disciplined and dispassionate investment process."

Role in Portfolio

The fund could lend support to a well-balanced portfolio.


Jason Alonzo and Christopher Blum manage the fund.


JPMorgan Intrepid Value Fund has an expense ratio of 0.94 percent. 

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Like all stock funds, this one comes with some risks.

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