Conservative Allocation

Conservative-allocation portfolios seek to provide both capital appreciation and income by investing in three major areas: stocks, bonds, and cash. These portfolios tend to hold smaller positions in stocks than moderate-allocation portfolios. These portfolios typically have 20% to 50% of assets in equities and 50% to 80% of assets in fixed income and cash. Morningstar®

#1 USAA Growth and Tax Strategy Portfolio (USBLX)

Performance (1-yr.): 14.72% Expenses: 0.97%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.03% Total Assets: $224.03M

#2 Vanguard Tax Managed Balanced Fund (VTMFX)

Performance (1-yr.): 15.12% Expenses: 0.12%
Performance (1-mo.): 0.98% Total Assets: $1.62B

#3 Berwyn Income Fund (BERIX)

Performance (1-yr.): 14.83% Expenses: 0.66%
Performance (1-mo.): 0.61% Total Assets: $2.64B

#4 Franklin Income Fund (FKINX)

Performance (1-yr.): 19.68% Expenses: 0.62%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.98% Total Assets: $93.69B

#5 Federated Municipal and Stock Advantage Fund (FMUAX)

Performance (1-yr.): 14.13% Expenses: 1.00%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.25% Total Assets: $879.49M

#6 Federated Capital Income Fund (CAPAX)

Performance (1-yr.): 16.41% Expenses: 0.90%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.56% Total Assets: $2.12B

#7 T. Rowe Price Personal Strategy Income Fund (PRSIX)

Performance (1-yr.): 14.04% Expenses: 0.61%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.06% Total Assets: $1.37B

#8 Hartford Balanced Income Fund (HBLAX)

Performance (1-yr.): 14.03% Expenses: 0.99%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.07% Total Assets: $4.98B

#8 Vanguard Wellesley® Income Fund (VWINX)

Performance (1-yr.): 11.80% Expenses: 0.25%
Performance (1-mo.): 0.78% Total Assets: $38.06B

#10 Goldman Sachs Income Builder Fund (GSBFX)

Performance (1-yr.): 14.92% Expenses: 0.95%
Performance (1-mo.): 1.69% Total Assets: $1.65B

Top Performing Conservative Allocation Funds As of 07.03.2014

Cornerstone Advisors Real Assets Fund (CAREX)

Total Return: 3.59%

Permanent Portfolio (PRPFX)

Total Return: 2.86%

AXA Charter Alternative 100 Moderate Portfolio

Total Return: 2.75%

Franklin Income Fund (FKINX)

Total Return: 19.68%

Pioneer Multi Asset Income Fund (PMAIX)

Total Return: 17.40%

Virtus Herzfeld Fund (VHFAX)

Total Return: 16.60%

Goldman Sachs Income Builder Fund (GSBFX)

Total Return: 11.77%

Hartford Balanced Income Fund (HBLAX)

Total Return: 11.27%

Franklin Income Fund (FKINX)

Total Return: 11.25%

* Annualized

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