Large Growth

Large-growth portfolios invest in big U.S. companies that are projected to grow faster than other large-cap stocks. Stocks in the top 70% of the capitalization of the U.S. equity market are defined as large-cap. Growth is defined based on fast growth (high growth rates for earnings, sales, book value, and cash flow) and high valuations (high price ratios and low dividend yields). Most of these portfolios focus on companies in rapidly expanding industries. Morningstar®

Wells Fargo Advantage Premier Large Company Growth Fund (EKJAX)

Performance (1-yr.): 25.47% Expenses: 1.13%
Performance (1-mo.): 3.30% Total Assets: $5.09B
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Wells Fargo Advantage WB Equity Fund (WBGIX)

Performance (1-yr.): 21.59% Expenses: 2.31%
Performance (1-mo.): 2.21% Total Assets: $140.31M
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Westfield Capital Large Cap Growth Fund (WCLGX)

Performance (1-yr.): 28.75% Expenses: 0.85%
Performance (1-mo.): 2.19% Total Assets: $202.18M
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Top Performing Large Growth Funds As of 07.03.2014

RidgeWorth Aggressive Growth Stock Fund (SAGAX)

Total Return: 7.90%

Biondo Focus Fund (BFONX)

Total Return: 6.53%

DoubleLine Equities Growth Fund (DBEGX)

Total Return: 4.97%

Biondo Focus Fund (BFONX)

Total Return: 49.52%

Fidelity® Independence Fund (FDFFX)

Total Return: 37.91%

Guinness Atkinson Global Innovators Fund (IWIRX)

Total Return: 37.01%

Matthew 25 Fund (MXXVX)

Total Return: 23.96%

Vulcan Value Partners Fund (VVPLX)

Total Return: 21.27%

ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Fund (SHRAX)

Total Return: 20.50%

* Annualized