Mid-Cap Blend

The typical mid-cap blend portfolio invests in U.S. stocks of various sizes and styles, giving it a middle-of-the-road profile. Most shy away from high-priced growth stocks, but aren't so price-conscious that they land in value territory. The U.S. mid-cap range for market capitalization typically falls between $1 billion-$8 billion and represents 20% of the total capitalization of the U.S. equity market. The blend style is assigned to portfolios where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. Morningstar®

Volumetric Fund (VOLMX)

Performance (1-yr.): 19.12% Expenses: 1.94%
Performance (1-mo.): 2.00% Total Assets: $27.66M
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Voya Index Plus MidCap Portfolio (IPMIX)

Performance (1-yr.): 25.12% Expenses: 0.49%
Performance (1-mo.): 3.87% Total Assets: $731.49M
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Voya Russell Mid Cap Index Portfolio (IIRMX)

Performance (1-yr.): 26.26% Expenses: 0.43%
Performance (1-mo.): 3.29% Total Assets: $2.39B
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Westwood SMidCap Plus Fund (WHGPX)

Performance (1-yr.): 26.57% Expenses: 1.00%
Performance (1-mo.): 2.67% Total Assets: $118.67M
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Top Performing Mid-Cap Blend Funds As of 07.03.2014

Marketocracy Masters 100 Fund (MOFQX)

Total Return: 6.39%

Ariel Fund (ARGFX)

Total Return: 5.79%

GuideMark SM Small/Mid Cap Core Fund (GMSMX)

Total Return: 5.68%

Hodges Fund (HDPMX)

Total Return: 36.41%

Columbia Global Infrastructure Fund (RRIAX)

Total Return: 35.13%

Gotham Enhanced Return Fund (GENIX)

Total Return: 34.97%

Putnam Equity Spectrum Fund (PYSAX)

Total Return: 20.63%

RS Investors Fund (RSINX)

Total Return: 20.07%

Hodges Fund (HDPMX)

Total Return: 19.54%

* Annualized