Short Government

Short-government portfolios have at least 90% of their bond holdings in bonds backed by the U.S. government or by government-linked agencies. This backing minimizes the credit risk of these portfolios, as the U.S. government is unlikely to default on its debt. These portfolios have durations between one and 3.5 years (or, if duration is unavailable, average effective maturities between one and four years), so they have relatively less sensitivity to interest rates, and thus low risk potential. Morningstar®

TransWestern Institutional Short Duration Government Bond Fund (TWSGX)

Performance (1-yr.): 0.04% Expenses: 0.65%
Performance (1-mo.): 0.42% Total Assets: $361.91M
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Top Performing Short Government Funds As of 03.05.2014

M.D. Sass 1-3 Year Duration U.S. Agency Bond Fund (MDSIX)

Total Return: 0.31%

LWAS/DFA Two-Year Government Portfolio (DFYGX)

Total Return: 0.25%

Vanguard Short Term Treasury Fund (VFISX)

Total Return: 0.19%

* Annualized