Small Blend

Small-blend portfolios favor U.S. firms at the smaller end of the market-capitalization range. Some aim to own an array of value and growth stocks while others employ a discipline that leads to holdings with valuations and growth rates close to the small-cap averages. Stocks in the bottom 10% of the capitalization of the U.S. equity market are defined as small-cap. The blend style is assigned to portfolios where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. Morningstar®

VALIC Company I Small Cap Index Fund (VCSLX)

Performance (1-yr.): 23.49% Expenses: 0.44%
Performance (1-mo.): 5.29% Total Assets: $1.16B

Vanguard Small Cap Index Fund (NAESX)

Performance (1-yr.): 26.32% Expenses: 0.24%
Performance (1-mo.): 4.96% Total Assets: $47.53B

Voya Index Plus SmallCap Portfolio (IPSIX)

Performance (1-yr.): 25.05% Expenses: 0.49%
Performance (1-mo.): 4.27% Total Assets: $336.27M

Voya Russell Small Cap Index Portfolio (IIRSX)

Performance (1-yr.): 23.75% Expenses: 0.46%
Performance (1-mo.): 5.25% Total Assets: $1.02B

Voya Small Company Portfolio (IVCSX)

Performance (1-yr.): 24.35% Expenses: 0.85%
Performance (1-mo.): 4.67% Total Assets: $703.78M

Vulcan Value Partners Small Cap Fund (VVPSX)

Performance (1-yr.): 19.52% Expenses: 1.26%
Performance (1-mo.): 3.81% Total Assets: $1.13B

VY JPMorgan Small Cap Core Equity Portfolio (IJSSX)

Performance (1-yr.): 25.93% Expenses: 1.12%
Performance (1-mo.): 5.14% Total Assets: $787.44M

Wilmington Small-Cap Strategy Fund (WMSIX)

Performance (1-yr.): 22.28% Expenses: 0.34%
Performance (1-mo.): 5.51% Total Assets: $134.81M

Zacks Small-Cap Core Fund (ZSCCX)

Performance (1-yr.): 22.92% Expenses: 1.39%
Performance (1-mo.): 4.35% Total Assets: $51.39M

Top Performing Small Blend Funds As of 07.03.2014

QS Batterymarch U.S. Small Capitalization Equity Portfolio (LMBAX)

Total Return: 7.83%

Nuveen NWQ Small-Cap Value Fund (NSCAX)

Total Return: 6.74%

Dreyfus Opportunistic Small Cap Fund (DSCVX)

Total Return: 6.43%

AMG SouthernSun Small Cap Fund (SSSFX)

Total Return: 37.08%

Hodges Small Cap Fund (HDPSX)

Total Return: 33.39%

Principal SmallCap Blend Fund (PLLAX)

Total Return: 33.39%

Hodges Small Cap Fund (HDPSX)

Total Return: 22.08%

Kinetics Small Cap Opportunities Fund (KSOAX)

Total Return: 21.84%

AMG SouthernSun Small Cap Fund (SSSFX)

Total Return: 21.32%

* Annualized

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