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Financial Services

Balancing security, regulation, and massive amounts of data are daunting tasks for big banks and insurers. Despite those challenges, global names like Allstate, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney have embraced everything from social networks for financial advisers to crowdsourcing tough decisions about just how to insure drivers. Read more »



Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Consumer Products

Selling coffee or cereal isn’t usually associated with sweeping technological change, but General Mills, Pepsi, and Starbucks are testing a slew of new ways to talk to shoppers, using everything from innovative mobile strategies and social media to cloud-based online storefronts. Read more »

General Mills



Baker Discussing Cakes with Customer on Digital Tablet

Using apps, cloud-based sites, and innovative mobile strategies, big retailers like Lowe’s, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Walmart are meeting customers wherever they are, and revolutionizing the experience of stepping into their stores. Read more »






Once-lumbering energy conglomerates, Chevron, Duke Energy, and Sempra Energy are quietly reinventing themselves with advanced technologies to cut costs, empower consumers, and reshape how they harness and distribute energy. Read more »


Duke Energy

Sempra Energy

MCC-Car production line

Caterpillar was chosen as a Most Connected Company for its broad use of social media, Ford for its use of cloud computing to service on-board apps and Johnson Controls for its use of big data to make buildings smarter. Read more »



Johnson Controls

iPad and iPhone
Can Apple Polish Lowe's Reputation?

The home improvement giant looks to Apple's mobile devices and new apps to boost sales growth.

Allstate Taps the Crowd to Predict Insurance Claims

The insurer uses crowdsourcing to better predict auto-related claims.

Social Media Applications on Iphone
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Offers 'Social' Advisers

This financial services firm balances social tools and regulatory scrutiny.

Smart Buildings Thrive on Big Data

Johnson Controls turns construction projects into complex information networks.

Duke Energy Uses Charlotte as its Living Lab

Duke Energy is hoping to slash consumption by 20 percent in five years to create the most sustainable urban core in the nation.

Man using his smart phone
Starbucks Brews Loyalty with Mobile Payment

The era of no cash, no cards, just phones begins at Starbucks.