How to Earn Money from Blogging

Starting a website can provide a secondary income.


7) Multistream your income. Pavlina says his blog landed him a lucrative book deal as well as talking gigs. Silicon Valley Blogger sells T-shirts and other products. Sites such as make it easy for bloggers to personalize products with their own logo and then earn revenue off the sales.

8) Learn from others. Several successful bloggers have built up a following simply by blogging about how to make money from blogging, such as Rowse, who calls himself a Blog Evangelist, and John Chow, who offers a free E-book on earning money and gives reports on how much he earns each month. (In June, he says he made over $40,000.)

But don't let such wild success intimidate you. The Lazy Man & Money blogger says the first priority should be on having fun. He considers writing about money an enjoyable hobby—one that he now spends about 14 hours a day doing. For his efforts, he earns around $30,000 a year.