America's Newfound Love of Wine

Modern drinkers have overcome the country’s troubled history.

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How is the down economy affecting the wine market?

The preliminary evidence so far is that wine and a bad economy are not a bad mix. Consumption has increased for the past 15 years, and there have been some economic downturns during that time. In this downturn, some consumers may trade down. Instead of the $15 bottle, they may get the $10, or they may start eating at home more, which is one way to extend your wine dollar. A $50 bottle at a restaurant will be about $15 in a store. So they may trade down in price, but America has been bitten by the wine bug regardless of the economy. What are your own wine habits?

I like light-bodied red wine. Some of my favorite grape varietals are pinot noir, Barbera, and Loire. Both red and white, and some sparkling wines, are often on our table.

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