Can Coins Make You Rich?

Try these ways to hold onto your coins and save money.


Can counting dimes and quarters really add up to big bucks? According to my colleague and blogger Russell Heimlich, it can. He estimated the value of his change jar through its weight and learned he had $30 sitting around. He's still saving it. He says emptying his pockets into a jar every day forces him to save money.

Another option for change collectors is to find a Coinstar machine and pay a fee for it to count your money for you. According to the company, the average household has around $90 in spare change lying around. Banks also often have coin-counting machines in their lobby, and account holders can frequently use them for free.

But is either method worth the time? I try to make exact change when I buy small items, which often stops me from breaking bills. In the end, that method should save as much money as counting piles of change.