Valentine’s Day: Spend or Save?

Men are expected to outspend women by nearly 2 to 1 celebrating the day.


The National Retail Federation reports that the average person will spend almost $123 celebrating Valentine's Day this year. But instead of buying candy or flowers, which will be slightly less popular, consumers will lavish the objects of their affection with nights out and even gift cards.

Have you decided what you're getting your loved one yet? Does it come close to the $123 average? I'm all for romance, but that sounds like a lot to me.

For the men out there, here's one more fact to keep in mind, based on the NRF survey: Men, on average, will spend almost twice as much as women to celebrate the day: $163 compared with $85. But before men feel pressure to keep up with that average, let's ask the ladies if they really want such lavish gifts. Personally, I'd rather my husband kept that money in the bank.