Good (or Bad) News for eBay Sellers

A change in listing and commission fees may be more of a help to heavy users of the auction site.

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Attention eBay addicts: The company has announced that beginning February 20, it will cut the fees sellers pay to list items. At the same time, it will charge higher commissions when items do sell. The company says the new approach will reduce the risk for sellers, who don't want to pay fees for items that don't sell. Bill Cobb, president of eBay North America, explained online, "You said you'd prefer fees for success, not listing."

This sounds like a helpful move for heavy eBay users who list many items at once, but I'm not sure it's good news for more casual sellers. For example, say you sell a $500 wedding dress at auction on the site. Before the changes, you would pay a $4.80 listing fee plus $16.75 in commission on the sale for a total fee of $21.55. After the changes, you'll pay a $4 listing fee plus almost $19 in commission, for a total of almost $23.

But you have still unloaded a wedding dress you no longer want, so maybe the difference is just pennies to you.