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I am a sucker for aspirational ads. I stop to stare at images of women out on early-morning jogs, office workers looking glamorous while tapping away on hand-held devices, and Tiffany diamonds. That is why Starbuck's new campaign, featuring coffee drinkers who reward themselves with nonfat, sugar-free lattes, caught my eye.

After doing some research, I found that some customers (and a barista, for that matter) objected to the ad campaign's use of the word skinny to describe the drinks, for fear it might offend. (Read my article on the campaign here.) I like the ads, except for one thing: I was appalled to hear a woman on one of the radio spots confess to drinking three iced skinny lattes a day. That adds up to about $45 a week. I'd rather "reward" myself with more cash in my wallet. To vote, go here.

Readers, which statement do you agree with?

“Skinny” is politically incorrect
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