Food Blogs Help Save Money

Websites with recipes and photos inspire home cooking.

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In response to my blog post on saving money by cooking at home, a reader sent me a great website, Smitten Kitchen, which offers tempting recipes and photos of home-cooked meals. As an aspiring foodie myself, I also have a list of favorite food-related sites, all of which frequently post recipes that can help with meal planning (and avoiding spending more money at restaurants or on takeout).

My favorite sites include the Pioneer Woman Cooks, Chocolate and Zucchini, and Cooking with Amy.

I also heard from a reader telling me that I was wrong and that it is cheaper to eat out, because he can get an order of chicken, fish, vegetables, soup, beans, salad, plus a drink and dessert for only $6.56, plus tip. He says he gets this deal at Mama's House Buffet in Kingsport, Tenn. I guess I need to visit, because that sounds like an unbelievable deal.

Readers, if you have other useful resources for food-related savings, please post them below.