Another Money-Saver: Cheap Dates at Home

A journalist offers his recipe for affordable romance.

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I received the following E-mail last night from Don Fenley, a journalist for the Kingsport Times-News in Tennessee, in response to my post that mentioned an affordable local restaurant, Mama's House Buffet.

As one journalist and aspiring foodie to another, here's the rest of the story about Mama's House. It's one of a vanishing breed—a family-owned buffet restaurant that is holding its own in a town that likes its bunch 'o lunch places. I used to eat there a couple times a week when I was doing the three to midnight shift at the Kingsport Times-News. The fare is basic, maybe a little above average, and yes, the price is right.

On his own blog, Fenley offers inexpensive home-cooking ideas, including one tempting mussels recipe for an at-home date night.