EBay’s Marital Problems

Blogger says online sellers and company management could use some counseling.

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Blogger Randy Smythe offers a fascinating take on the eBay fees debate: He argues the company's management and sellers need some old-fashioned marital advice. He writes:

Why do I bring up divorce in an ecommerce blog? Because, marital problems are exactly like what is happening between eBay management and eBay's sellers. They are in the middle of a bad marriage and looking at their options....

For many sellers, eBay was their first love, but they have taken so much crap, for so long they've lost any hope that the relationship can be saved....

eBay needs a marriage counselor that both sides can agree on. Someone who can tell sellers when they are out of line and someone who can hold management accountable, but you know that will never happen because this is business not a marriage.... Unfortunately, I fear that the damage has been done and nothing that eBay management can say will improve the situation.

Smythe even points out that many eBay sellers have had affairs with other marketplaces. So, sellers, do you just need a good "marriage" counselor to fix this situation?