Dreaming Big, Saving Small

Financial goals start with putting aside a little money each month.


In my interview with yoga teacher, author, and entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson, I left out one topic we discussed: long-term financial goals. Wilson explained that one of her dreams is to own a cabin in West Virginia. It would be nothing particularly big or fancy, just a place where she could escape the intensity of Washington, D.C., for some peace and quiet on the weekends.

She offered her advice to others with big dreams: Cut out the things that may not be as important, such as a gym membership, if you want to save for something bigger, like a trip to Italy.

My personal financial goal is to become a homeowner. This dream feels quite far away given current housing prices (there has been no dramatic downturn in the Washington area), but I am trying to put aside money each month that can one day go toward a down payment.

Readers, what are your financial goals? Are you saving money to help meet them?