Television's Money Lessons

Financial tips from the Sex and the City ladies.

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Usually, the main message I get from watching sitcoms is that everyone else has nicer furniture and clothes than I do. Shows seem to almost always feature the well-to-do—perhaps because that's what the rest of us like to look at while we relax. But every now and then, television imparts some useful financial tips. The blogger at Well-Heeled points out some of her favorite money lessons from Sex and the City, which will be coming out later this year as a movie:

• When Carrie realizes that she's spent $40,000 on shoes but could not secure a loan on her own to buy out her share of the co-op after she breaks up with Aidan. Personal finance lesson for the gals--don't be the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe! Manolos can't fund a retirement....

• When Samantha gave up her hair appointment to Miranda and offered to baby-sit Brady.Friend lesson: The best present isn't about money.