Vote on Chipotle's Customer Service Move

Would free medical bills after food poisoning leave you a satisfied customer?

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Imagine this: You go to a restaurant. The food makes you sick—so sick you need to visit the doctor. To compensate, the restaurant offers to pay your medical bills. Does that leave you a satisfied customer?

That's the situation more than 400 Chipotle customers found themselves in Kent, Ohio, last week. They experienced the typical signs of food poisoning, including nausea, vomiting, and worse. Test results suggest they were infected with a norovirus. To make it up to them, the company famous for its burritos said it would pay for the treatment of the sickened customers.

It's a nice gesture, but is it enough? I think I'd expect at least a $20 gift certificate to lure me back in.

Vote: What do you think?

A) Medical bills or not, Mexican food would nauseate me forevermore.
B) It could have happened to any restaurant, and probably won't happen again to Chipotle. I'd still be looking forward to some carnitas.
C) I'd be a bit wary, but eventually my craving for a dumbbell-size burrito would kick in.
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