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Answers to the $1,000 question were fun as well as practical.

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Almost 50 people submitted responses to the first Alpha Consumer Challenge, making my job of choosing the top three difficult. Answers to the question—What would you do with $1,000?—ranged from the practical, such as buying a new toilet, to the pleasurable, such as taking a trip to the tropics.

It wasn't easy, but here are my top three choices. Now, it's your turn to vote on the winner, who will get his or her name and photo posted on the blog and also receive a copy of Curtis Arnold's How You Can Profit from Credit Cards. Voting will stay open until Thursday, and the winner will be announced Friday.

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Future trip for the kids: A $1,000 windfall would go towards our family’s savings for a trip to Florida in four years. At least once and probably only once, I will take my wife and kids to Disneyworld. Of course, I know it'll cost more than $1,000—that's why I said I'd add it to saving for that trip!
Use it to save more money: The first thing I would do is buy a decent bicycle so that I could bike to work (on non-rainy days), since I live only six miles from work. This would cut down on my gas costs, especially if I start now. I would also convert a dog pen we have into a greenhouse to grow my own veggies and sell the rest at the local Farmers Market down the street. I would also probably put in between $400 to $500 into our emergency fund.
Budget and share: I would give my tithes and offering to the church ($150), put $200 in my bank account for emergency funds; give my grandma and brother $50 each, place $200 into my education fund (I love studying, and I'm coveting that $495 immigration law advanced paralegal course), spend $150 for that camera my boyfriend would love to have, give myself $50, put $100 into my retirement fund, and pay my $50 Internet bill.
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