Congratulations, Basic Financial!

Blogger wins the first Alpha Consumer Challenge.


Biff from Basic Financial won the first Alpha Consumer Challenge. Congratulations, Biff! He said he would use a $1,000 windfall to save more money:

The first thing I would do is buy a decent bicycle so that I could bike to work (on non-rainy days), since I live only 6 miles from work. This would cut down on my gas costs, especially if I start now. I would also convert a dog pen we have into a greenhouse to grow my own veggies and sell the rest at the local farmers market down the street. I would also probably put between $400 to $500 into our emergency fund.

Since he blogs anonymously, he is opting not to have his photo and full name featured here, but he will receive a copy of Curtis Arnold's How You Can Profit from Credit Cards. Stay tuned for the next challenge, coming soon.