Vote: How Is the Economy Affecting You?

Surveys show some Americans are changing their habits.


The verdict is in: Americans are worried about the economy. The latest evidence comes from an AARP nationwide survey that asked respondents ages 45 and over about how they have responded to the slowdown. Most participants said that the economy is in bad shape and that they have changed their own behavior to adapt. Among the findings:

  • More than 1 in 4 respondents said they are having trouble paying their mortgage or rent.
  • About a third said they stopped putting money into their retirement accounts.
  • About a quarter said they postponed plans to retire.
  • Now it's your turn: vote in the poll below.

    Vote: How are you feeling about your own economic situation?

    Freaking out. I'm subsisting entirely on peanut butter and adrenaline, and I've hidden all of my money under my mattress.

    A little nervous, but I'll get through it. Thank goodness for eBay and Costco.
    What, me worry? I'm going to go shopping right now, and I won't even break a sweat.
    Recession? I won't trouble myself with such notions. Fetch some caviar, please, and bring my Birkin bag with you when you return.

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