Quiz: Are You Ready to Get Married?

Test yourself on how financially prepared you are to walk down the aisle.

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In addition to the more romantic aspects of marriage, walking down the aisle also leads to a union of finances. Before deciding whether or not to tie the knot, you may want to consider the long-lasting ramifications it could have on your bank account. Take this Alpha Consumer Quiz to help determine your level of nuptial-readiness:

  1. Have you and your potential spouse discussed whether you will share bank accounts or keep them separate?
    1. Could you describe your partner's spending habits and how they differ from your own?
      1. Do you know how much debt, including credit cards and student loans, your potential spouse would bring into the marriage and have a general idea of his or her credit worthiness?
        1. Have you discussed your partner's future career plans, including any plans to return to school or make a major career change?
          1. Do you know how you and your partner would respond to struggling family members or close friends who ask to borrow money?
            1. Are you comfortable with your future spouse inheriting most of your assets after your death, as most states allow, barring any pre-nuptial or other legal arrangements?
              1. If you are bringing significant assets into the marriage, have you decided how they will be divided (or not) in the event of divorce?
                1. Over the course of your relationship, have you noticed either of you lying about purchases, keeping secrets about money, or making large purchases after fights?
                  1. Explanation of score:

                    0 to 2 points: You may want to consider sitting down for some open, honest conversations about money with your partner. Financial experts recommend going into marriage with a clear idea of each other's expectations and financial habits.

                    3 to 6 points: You're headed in the right direction, but more premarital discussions about money could help prevent unpleasant surprises after the exchange of vows.

                    7 to 8 points: Congratulations, you and your partner appear to have your finances well under control—it might be time to start checking out wedding venues.

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