Do Women Need Special Help With Money?

Some readers are offended by educational efforts.

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After reading my article on new efforts that financial companies are taking to woo women, one of my colleagues told me that she finds it condescending. She says she doesn't feel intimidated by financial information and is perfectly capable of managing her own 401(k) without any special hand-holding.

Another reader said Arika Larson, owner of Women Be Wise, a financial planning company based in San Jose, Calif., "needs to get a grip and a better idea of what some women care about," because it's not necessarily marriage and babies, as Larson suggested.

I've also found myself offended by some female-oriented financial tips in the past, although I still enjoy reading about women and money, because I do think we face different kinds of issues. What do you think? Do women and men need separate financial advice, or is it offensive?