Share Your Best Ideas for a Frugal Lifestyle

Do you have techniques for scaling back?


In an interview that was cut from the final version of my story on the end of credit card consumerism, Simple Prosperity author David Wann explained how he sees a huge shift happening in our culture at the moment. He calls it a move to a "restoration economy," where people want to stop working 40-hour weeks and instead start focusing on what is most important to them. For example, more people are growing their own food, trading in their SUVs for bikes, and choosing to spend their time on activities that energize them.

So, how can one go about simplifying one's life? There are many resources online to help, from Frugal Village to Zen Habits. If you've developed your own techniques, please share them below, or E-mail photos demonstrating your newfound frugality to The best idea will receive a copy of David Blankenhorn's Thrift: A Cyclopedia. (And congratulations to Drea, the commenter who was randomly selected to receive a copy of David E. Shi's The Simple Life.)