The High Price of Breakups

Sometimes, money can get in the way of making the right choice.

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Check out this thought-provoking article over at Tango about the financial side of breakups. The author points out that sometimes, you need to have a stash of cash in order to make the right relationship choice. No one wants to have to continue living with someone post-breakup, as she was forced to do. Here's an excerpt:

As far as financially sound strategies for urban living goes, it doesn't get much smarter than falling in love. Make the commitment, move in together, save hundreds of dollars in rent (and therapy, if you're living in New York). All of this only works, of course, if you stay together. Some 11 million Americans who live with a partner outside of marriage are keen to this option and the advantages that come with it. But what happens when the love withers? True love may be priceless, but breakups have their cost as well.