Secret Stash, Part II

A reader tells me to take Grandma's advice.

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Here's one more take on the debate over whether women should keep secret stashes of cash. My grandmother says yes, but many of the male commenters disagreed. I received this note from Pat from Washington, with her own perspective:

I say we should all thank grandma for her advice. My dad always took care of my mom and us kids and we never had to worry. But my mom always said, "Make sure you have some money of your own." I told my daughter to always have money of her own, as well as a car and to never let anyone take it from her. She needed my advice more then I needed my Mom's. I'm sure she will pass it on down to her daughter too.

We all like to believe we have the perfect marriage and nothing will ever go wrong or happen to change that, but we have no control over some of the things in our future. Whether it's a divorce or an unexpected death, it's very important to have credit in your own name and money of your own not tied to your joint account. It wouldn't hurt if a man did that either because we don't know when we might just need it.

You go give your grandma a big hug and kiss and thank her for the advice she has given you and then go open that account even if you are the one that controls the money in the family. If there is a divorce and he cleans out the account, you are out of luck. A lawyer warned my friend if he gets it first you won't necessarily get any of it back and that has happened to several of my friends also.

Don't think you know it all and that nothing bad can happen to you, it can so take Grandma's advice and learn to take care of yourself.