A Coupon Expert's Back-to-School Savings

Brad Wilson of BradsDeals.com has tips on where to cut costs.

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Brad Wilson, the coupon guru behind BradsDeals.com, has found back-to-school savings that make shelling out for binders and glue a little less intimidating. Even if you don't have kids starting a new grade, you can save on new shoes, an Amazon Kindle, or home office supplies. Here are the deals from Brad:

$500 off computers: If students or teachers buy a MacBook Pro through this Apple Store promotion, they'll get $200 off the computer as well as a free $299 iPod. If you're not a student or don't want a Mac, HP and Dell both have large (25 to 30 percent off) coupons that can equate to $500, as well.

$50 off apparel: Active apparel coupons include 15 percent off at Banana Republic, 15 percent off at delias, 15 percent off at Children's Place, 10 percent off at Kohls.com, 15 percent off at American Eagle, and, well, you get the point.

$40 off shoes: 6pm (the outlet store for Zappos) has priced every single pair of Skechers at $24.95. Many were $65 or more, originally.

$100 off Amazon's Kindle: Through next Monday, get $100 off the Kindle (and be able to download all of your textbooks) when you sign up for the Amazon Visa card. It's a worthwhile card to have anyway, as you get 3 percent cash back on all future Amazon purchases.

$55 off desk chair: This chair is normally $100 but is marked down to $50 and gets cut further to $45 after a 10 percent off coupon code.

$20 off a backpack: This North Face backpack is normally $48.95 but drops to $29.37 after Brad's exclusive 40 percent off coupon.