Britney Spears's Sister Sends Gift, Loses Privacy

After Jamie Lynn sent a baby gift to Bristol Palin, the company told the media.

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Updated 09/04/08: Jamie Lynn Spears is now denying that she sent any gift to Bristol Palin, which raises more questions about why the store said that she did. The store still has not responded to requests for comment.

When I found out that Jamie Lynn Spears sent Bristol Palin $60 worth of pink burp clothes from the baby store Petit Tresor, my first reaction was, "That's such a sweet gesture from one teen mom to another!" My second was, "What gives the company the right to not only announce Jamie Lynn's purchase but also release the text of the attached note?" (For those of you who are interested, it read, "Dear Bristol, Hang in there! XXOO, Jamie Lynn Spears.")

According to's report, it was a spokesperson for Petit Tresor who disclosed the gift, while Spears's camp declined to comment.

To me, that sounds like a violation of a celebrity customer's privacy, unless Spears gave the store permission to make the announcement, which there is no indication that she did. It turns out Petit Tresor has a habit of dishing out celebrity shoppers: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went so far as to ask the store to stop using their names in their marketing materials.

Petit Tresor has not yet responded to my E-mail asking them to explain their privacy policy and whether they check with their celebrity clients before talking to media outlets about their purchases. If I were a celebrity, I'd start treating Petit Tresor with the same suspicion I reserved for the paparazzi.

What do you think—did Petit Tresor cross the line? Or are celebrities' shopping habits free game?