A Bad Time for Shopaholics?

Some wonder whether Isla Fisher's new movie should be delayed or canceled.


If you were about to release a movie on shopping addiction, would you decide that now—as consumer spending plummets and the economy grinds to a slow crawl—was a bad time?

Advertising Age asked that very question, since "Confessions of a Shopaholic," starring Isla Fisher, is scheduled to hit theaters early next year. The movie, which is based on a book by Sophie Kinsella, revolves around a woman—who happens to be a personal finance reporter—who goes into debt buying the latest fashions. Just over 70 percent of respondents in Advertising Age's online poll said they would go ahead with the project, while the rest said they would hold off.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering whether you'll relate to the main character or feel sorry for her, compare yourself to the checklist of behaviors at Shopaholics Anonymous. Warning signs include when your shopping habits create chaos in your life, lead to conflicts between you and people you care about, and generate feelings of euphoria mixed with anxiety.

For one more take on the subject, check out this personal essay by Steph Auteri at Tango Magazine. She writes about how her love of shopping came between her and her husband and how her marriage eventually helped her get control of her finances. It's a great reminder that debt doesn't need to be a permanent condition.

  • The website 2Sense, which focuses "on matters of life and wealth," posted an interview with me here.