Election Day Freebies

Get deals with your "I voted" sticker.


If you waited in line to vote this morning, or plan to later today, you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts -- or at least that's how retailers are framing it. Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, and Krispy Kreme are just a few of the companies offering to feed you for free.

Here's where to go for the free sustenance (you may need it given those polling booth lines):

  • Starbucks will give you a free 12-ounce coffee. In fact, you don't even need to prove you voted, because in order to ensure compliance with election laws, Starbucks says it will give the coffee to anyone who asks for it.
  • Visit Ben & Jerry's between 5pm and 8pm, and you'll get a free scoop of ice cream. (You may want to consider arriving early; past promotions have resulted in long lines.)
  • Krispy Kreme is giving away star-shaped doughnuts decorated with red and blue sprinkles.
  • California Tortilla -- the company that came up with the McCain Chilada-Burrito and O-Chili-Bama Burrito -- is offering up free tacos.
  • For more deals, check out the list at dealnews.com.