3 Ways to Give Thanks Through Charity

This Thanksgiving, generosity is more important than ever.


Few actions stir up greater feelings of appreciation for what we have than giving to others, whether with time or money. Somehow, the very act of giving can make us feel richer. And this year, with so many people in need, it’s also more important than ever, even when we feel financially strained ourselves.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are three ways to give this season. Please share your own suggestions below.

  • Visit ChangingThePresent.org. This website lets you select charitable gifts ranging from giving books to children to providing clean water to a family in Africa. You can also give a disadvantaged woman a new suit ($10), plant 20 trees ($11), or fund an hour of cancer research ($133). Other helpful websites include JustGive.org and RedefineChristmas.org.
    • Check out Action Against Hunger, Habitat for Humanity International, or one of the hundreds of other groups vetted by the Best Business Bureau. The BBB offers tips for giving to charity and lets you look up groups that you’re considering, so you can check to see if it meets the BBB’s standards.
      • Consider providing a micro-finance loan. MicroPlace.com allows people to make investments as low as $20 in honor of friends or family members. The money provides loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries in order to help them develop small businesses. The giver also receives a hand-crafted piggy bank from Chile.
      • For more giving tips, read Women & Philanthropy: 4 Ways to Get Started.