Jackie Onassis: Keep Money Separate

The former first lady urged women to maintain separate accounts.

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Jackie Onassis popped up in the New York Times Modern Love column over the weekend with a message about marriage and money. The author, Karen Karbo, recounts:

Years ago, I sat next to Jackie Onassis at a literary event in Boston. We got to talking (or rather she talked and I sat in breathless awe) as she told me the piece of advice she often gave to young women: that they should never marry or mix their money. There was another young woman listening in, and I could see her expression harden in disapproval. But I thought, Exactly! For those of us predetermined to be breadwinners, it’s more fun to date a man than to marry him. We understand that the more people we have under our roof, the more it costs us. I am appalled by how unromantic this sounds, but there you have it.

 Whether to combine money or keep it separate comes up often on this blog; in general, I tend to favor combining money for the logistical ease. Still, I can see the benefits of having a stash of one's own, as well. What do you think?