6 Money Websites to Watch in 2009

These up-and-coming sites will help you save money.

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From snide remarks about greedy companies to creative techniques for saving, websites and blogs offer some of the most intriguing takes on the world of personal finance. Here are my picks for the top sites to watch in 2009:

NPR's Planet Money: This new blog breaks down what the global economy means for us little people, including the basics of the latest Fed rates changes to inside jokes.

Budget Smart Girl: This blogger shares tips on frugal entertaining, craft ideas, and bargains. She has big plans for the coming year, including a new newsletter.

I Like Totally Love It: And I like, totally love this site. It lists user-recommended goodies ranging from those you'll probably never need -- ice cubes in the shape of puzzle pieces, anyone? -- as well as the ones you've always dreamed of, such as a nightlight that looks like a glass of milk. (You've dreamed of that too, right?)

Savvy Sugar: Anyone who likes their news with a dash of celebrity gossip will enjoy this blog, which is related to the Britney and Lindsay-obsessed Pop Sugar.

Consumerist: The new year also brings a new owner for this former Gawker-owned blog -- Consumers Union. While it's not yet clear how, or if, the change will affect the content of the blog, the good news is that it will continue publishing its scathing critiques of companies.

City Shop Girl: Each day brings a new discount at this fun, new website. At the moment, the Daily Candy-esque blog serves only Washington, DC, but it has plans to expand to other cities. Now it's your turn -- tell me what I'm missing below.