Mickey Rourke: I Sold Everything I Had

Before making his comeback in The Wrestler, the actor was poor.


Mickey Rourke has been earning high praise for his role in The Wrestler, but he's gotten almost as much attention for his honesty about his life as a washed-up actor. In an interview in The Sun, he says he made ends meet by selling his motorcycle connection and other pricey collectibles. He says:

“I had a friend who was a successful hairdresser, and he’d give me a couple of hundred bucks a week to keep me going....Then the last thing I did was I had this really nice 1963 Mini Cooper that I bought and kitted up really nicely. I sunk a lot of money into it then sold it for a third of what I spent on it. It was things like that I did to get by.”

For someone who once starred alongside Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks, that's a pretty steep fall.