5 Sites That Help Manage Your Money Online

Use websites and leave the paper trail behind.


Looking for help on your money goals? Trying to get organized for the new year? After spending two hours going through old credit card statements last weekend, I realized there's got to be a more efficient -- and greener -- way to keep tabs on my money. While I'm not ready to get rid of my file cabinet yet -- after all, I need a place to store important receipts, insurance papers, and government documents like my marriage certificate -- there is a lot I can do online to streamline my paper trail.

Here are 5 sites that can help you sort out your finances, without resorting to paperwork:

Mint.com: Create a personal budget with easy-to-make charts and personalized tips. Debtgoal.com: Figure out a game plan for consolidating and paying off your debt.

43things.com: Share financial goals with other people for encouragement and inspiration. (I know I've mentioned this before, but it's a good one.)

Stickk.com: Give yourself a financial incentive to stick with your goals by putting $100 (or more) on the line.

DealNews.com: Don't collect coupons -- instead, check this site for the latest deals just before shopping.