Does Australia Hate Career Women?

A television commercial needs a dose of feminism.

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This ad for Australia, now running on television, is designed to encourage people to find themselves by going Down Under. It depicts a career woman who so stressed out by work that she appears exhausted, unpleasant to be around, and on the verge of ruining her relationship. But then, she goes to Australia, and turns into a pleasant human once again. Her boyfriend tells her that he's glad she's back. As the ad puts it, "She arrived as Ms. K. Mathieson, Executive VP of Sales. She departed as Kate."

Here's my question: Can't a woman be the vice president of sales while also being a pleasant person with a loving relationship? This commercial seems to have such a retro view of modern womanhood that it makes me wonder about the state of feminism in Australia. Still, that waterfall does look enticing.