Sugar Daddies and the New Prostitution Index

As the recession heats up, more women seem to sell their bodies.

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Perhaps the proliferation of stories related to selling sex for money could be dubbed the "Prostitution Index": When times are bad, do women inevitably turn to their bodies to generate extra cash?

First, we had Natalie Dylan, auctioning off her virginity for almost $4 million. Then, we had the DABA (Dating a Banker Anonymous) girls who, while not selling themselves for money, have been quite disappointed in the fact that their banker boyfriends can no longer support fancy vacations and dinners out. And today brings us sugar daddies.

Good Morning America featured an 18-year-old who is dating a 40-year-old in exchange for Las Vegas weekends and Manolos. He's married, but she's fine with the relationship because, as she puts it, "I live much better than the average girl." (No word on how the wife feels about it.)

Is this just a fluke, or is the recession really causing this sudden burst of pseudo-prostitution?