Best and Worst Superbowl Ads

Hyundai wins, but GoDaddy strikes out.

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Sure, the game was exciting, but there was plenty of drama off the field last night, too. From raunchy GoDaddy courtroom scenes to hilarious Hyundai spots set in corporate boardrooms, the Superbowl commercials delivered. Here's a roundup of some of the highlights:

BEST: Hyundai hit the jackpot with the drama and humor contained in this 30-second ad. Executives get increasingly furious over their competitor's success.

WORST: GoDaddy. My first reaction to this ad was, "Ew." Its crass references to breast augmentation were more oafish than funny.

WORST: E*trade. Some people find the talking babies adorable, but there's something about precocious toddlers speaking in grown-up voices that just gets annoying.

YOU CALL IT: The Bob Dylan, Will.I.Am commercial drew mixed reactions. Great music, but some were bothered by Pepsi's commercialization of Obama's hope rhetoric (and one of his celebrity spokesmen).