Chipotle: Get Burritos, a Date

The Mexican fast-food chain is deemed best place to meet 'hot guys.'

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You might have thought that Chipotle was the place to grab a great burrito, but did you realize that it's also the number one place to meet "hot guys," according to The women's website says, "The Bettys discovered that, come lunchtime, the popular chain Chipotle is overflowing with an inordinate number of very attractive men. From those with closely cropped hair in crisp business shirts of white and blue, to the sweaty, tan, muscled, T-shirt-clad crews of college guys, it's not just the food heating up the place!"

(If you're looking for more of an organic broccoli kind of guy, recommends Whole Foods.)

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold says, "What a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Have lunch and meet hot guys at the same time. Our core customers are young, active, and sophisticated. While I never really thought of our restaurants as the go-to place to meet hot guys (or girls), given the nature of our customers, I’m not surprised that someone has connected those dots."

Meanwhile, investors don't seem to care much; share values have been relatively stable since the press release went out this morning.