Go Ahead, Take That All-Inclusive Vacation

It turns out you might relax even more than usual.

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As I was drinking Kahlua mudslides on the beach in Mexico in January, I started wondering: Was I really saving money by staying at an all-inclusive resort, where I can drink as many mudslides as I want for no extra charge, or would it be cheaper to pay per drink?

Even if the math told me that I'd spend less if I paid per drink, I think I would still have preferred to go the all-inclusive route. There's something extra relaxing about not having to think about your wallet -- or even bring it with you -- when you're lounging in front of the Caribbean waves.

It turns out the research confirms my gut feelings. For a recent article, " Why All-Inclusive Vacations Pay-Off," I spoke with an economist about why paying in advance can make for a better vacation. It boils down to the fact that people don't enjoy paying for things, so if they can avoid it while they're lounging, they'll have a more enjoyable lounge. So go ahead, book that all-inclusive trip. If you want more motivation, you can read more about the economist's research.