Octo-Mom's Lucrative Reality TV Dreams

But how much Nadya Suleman could earn from her own show remains unclear.

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Nadya Suleman, the mother of eight newborns and six older children, has apparently turned down offers for full-time help from the nonprofit Angels in Waiting because the group declined her request to include a reality tv show with the deal.

Suleman appears to be trying to follow in the footsteps of other family tv stars with multiples: Jon & Kate Plus Eight and the Duggar family's 18 Kids and Counting have become some of the most-watched shows on television. There's something intriguing about watching how homes with so many kids function. Jon & Kate Plus Eight demonstrates a happy form of chaos, while the Duggar's religious beliefs, which prohibit dating, for example, are endlessly fascinating.

So, just how much money could Suleman hope to make from such an enterprise? The answer depends a lot on how likable her family turns out to be. Part of the success of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, as well as that of the Duggar family, comes from the fact that both homes are warm, loving, enjoyable places to spend time with. Because people like the families, they are able to sell books and, if they want, endorse products, which can lead to additional money. But just because a reality tv crew shows up to the Suleman household doesn't mean the fans will follow.

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