Podcast: How to Become a Scavenger

Authors of new book explain how to get (almost) everything for free.

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On this week's Alpha Consumer Podcast, I interviewed Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson, authors of The Scavengers' Manifesto. They explain the joys -- and money-saving benefits -- of used clothes, appliances, and sometimes, even food. Before you walk away with a feeling of disgust over the prospect of someone else's half-eaten lunch, consider this: Rufus and Lawson estimate they spent just $10 on clothes in the last year, yet their closets are full of designer labels. People give away so much valuable stuff, they say, that they find themselves hardly needing to buy anything. (And about that half-eaten lunch -- Rufus and Lawson have rules, and one of them is avoiding gross food.)

You can also pick up this week's Alpha Consumer Tip of the Week on saving money by exchanging your own skills with someone else's.

How to Become a Scavenger

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